GameBreaker Headgear, Blue - Large

GameBreaker Headgear, Blue - Large
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GameBreaker Headgear, Blue - Large

Large 22.5"-23", blue

Gamebreaker is a uniquely designed scrum cap. It is molded out of the finest EVA rubber foam, offering maximum protection upon impact. The hook and loop chin strap combined with adjustable laces in the back, enables the headgear to custom fit each persons head. Its even washable. LYCRA surrounds the outer shell, allowing air to flow throughout and prevent the player from enduring any extra heat. No more sweaty, smelly head gear. Bad odors wash right out!

Sports Use

Gamebreaker scrum caps are a great way to help alleviate some of the nicks and abrasions that come with playing any contact sport. They are comfortable and the extra padding on the head provides a great protective barrier for the head, scalp and ears. They are helpful for preventing cauliflower ear from rucking and scrumming. Gamebreaker has undergone rigerous load impact testing through the International Rugby Board (IRB).

Medical Use

Doctors and heath care professionals often prescribe protective helmets for people with the danger of head injury. With Gamebreaker scrum cap, the back and sides of your head are protected. Chin strap can be adjusted so that it is snug, but not uncomfortable. No matter what direction you fall, the helmet will absorb the impact. Unique "Web-Shell" design allows for adequate ventilation. Initially used in mainstream sports, Gamebreaker has now revolutionized headgear and is serving individuals requiring head protection for a variety of reasons such as:

Poor balance
Seizure disorders
Assisted living, etc..

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