Gauntlet Thumb Post 1/16 Orfit Perf, Size: S (Pack of 3)

Gauntlet Thumb Post 1/16 Orfit Perf, Size: S (Pack of 3)
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Gauntlet Thumb Post 1/16 Orfit Perf, Size: S (Pack of 3)

Immobilize the thumb with this custom circumferential splint.
• This splint provides stable, comfortable support for the thumb CMC and MP joints. Use to treat arthritis, tenosynovitis or gamekeeper''s thumb.
• Allows full use of fingers. Thumb tip can be stretched to stabilize the IP joint.
• Package of three. Instructions are included.
• Choose from smooth or perforated.

NCM Precut Splints Sizing Guidelines: To choose the most appropriate size, measure the circumference of the hand at the MP joints and at the wrist crease. Sizes overlap and are intended to allow you to choose the size that best matches your client''s measurements. If a client falls within two ranges, choose the larger size to ensure that there is sufficient material for a proper fit.
Pediatric: MP Circumference 5“ to 6½ “ (13 to 16cm), Wrist Circumference 4“ to 6“ (10 to 15cm)
Small: MP Circumference 6½ “ to 7½ “ (20 to 23cm), Wrist Circumference 5½ “ to 7½ “ (14 to 19cm)
Medium: MP Circumference 7½ “ to 8½ “ (19 to 21cm), Wrist Circumference 6½ “ to 8½ “ (16 to 21cm)
Large: MP Circumference 8“ to 9“ (13 to 16cm), Wrist Circumference 7½ “ to 9½ “ (19 to 24cm)

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