Original Heellift suspension boot - case of 2

Original Heellift suspension boot - case of 2
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Original Heellift suspension boot - case of 2

For non-edematous legs or patients who prefer a slightly cooler boot, choose Original Heelift. Made from soft, firm, medical grade foam with a convoluted design, Original Heelift effectively removes pressure from the heel, preventing heel ulcers, pressure ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers from forming.

One-size-fits-all sizing on this latex- free heel suspension boot eliminates the guesswork in achieveing correct patient fit.

Original Heelift is machine washable if placed in a net laundry bag with the Velcro® straps closed and the extra elevation pads removed.

Elevation Pads Are the Keys to a Custom Fit

To control hip rotation, the loose elevation pad can be affixed in a horizontal position to the outside of the boot to prevent external rotation.

• To accommodate patient size, the lower elevation pad which is affixed to the inside of the boot can be trimmed or positioned forward or backward.

• To prevent foot-drop, the loose pad can be placed under the forefoot.

• For additional support for heavier patients, the loose pad can be repostioned and affixed on top of the fixed elevation pad.

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