Prism Micro, Color: White 1/12 6 x 9 in (Pack of 8)

Prism Micro, Color: White 1/12  6 x 9 in (Pack of 8)
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Prism Micro, Color: White 1/12 6 x 9 in (Pack of 8)

Make bright, colorful splints that encourage compliance while providing comfortable support.
Prism™ has moderate resistance to stretch for easy circumferential splinting. Gently pull and wrap the material around the affected part.

Moderate drape for excellent fit and conformability.

Prism™ has 100% memory for easy remolding time and time again. If you make a mistake while splinting, just start over.

With minimum rigidity, splints flex slightly with pressure for more comfortable wear. Circumferential splints will increase rigidity.
Splints made from 1/8“ Prism™ are rigid enough to handle the force of dynamic components.
Splints made from 1/12“ perforated Prism™ form strong but flexible splints for a variety of lightweight applications.

Prism™ has a traditional non-sticky film coating that allows the splinter to fabricate overlapping circumferential splints quickly and easily. Splints can be molded over bandages easily without sticking. To form a permanent bond, scrape the shiny coating off using scissors or use solvent and dry heat until the material is soft. Press together firmly.

Prism™ resists fingerprints, even with aggressive handling. Choose from six bright, shiny colors. Color retains its vibrance from start to finish, resulting in a bold, shiny, professional splint.

1/8“ Prism™ can be used for hand and upper extremity splints, lower extremity splints and return-to-work splints. Great for serial splinting.
1/12“ Prism™ is ideal when a lighter weight, less rigid material is desired. Use for pediatric, finger, thumb and circumferential splints.
Prism™ turns translucent when ready to apply.

Working Time (1/8“ ): Prism™ has a long working time so the splint can be reformed and adjusted if needed. Prism™ becomes firm in approximately six minutes.

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