Sectional Raft - small

Sectional Raft - small
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Sectional Raft - small

Supports by cradling the body and is recommended for those who are not going to be ''swimming'', especially those who are insecure in the water. Rather than holding a person on top of the water, our raft allows water to flow around the body, enabling interaction with the surrondings and helps reduce fears the swimmer may experience. Head pad is reversible if lateral supports are needed for minimal head/neck control. Shoulder straps snap over the arms for easy fit. This raft provides room for arm propulsion while keeping the body from rolling. For even greater range of motion in the lower body, the bottom row of sectional pieces fold under. Care should be taken to watch for air chill on parts of the body above the water surface.Towels can be placed over the body if this occurs.

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