Bradco Basket Stretcher System

Bradco Basket Stretcher System
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Bradco Basket Stretcher System

Bradco Stretcher System - Plastic Basket Stretcher
The Bradco Stretcher System is a litter packed with features. With its heavy-duty all-aluminum frame construction, high-density polyethylene shell and patient support and restraint system, this stretcher is ideal for any rescue situation. The spring-suspended patient support and restraint system is constructed from vinyl-coated nylon and supports the patient several inches off the bottom frame of the stretcher. This makes for a smooth and comfortable ride. The double flap cover and restraint strap system allows a patient to be transported in almost any position with minimal discomfort and maximum security. The polyethylene shell is resistant to chemical agents such as chlorine or petroleum products, slides smoothly over all kinds of terrain and resists snagging on protruding objects. It is unaffected by temperature extremes and the UV inhibitors reduce fading or deterioration even under constant exposure to sunlight. The shell helps to protect the patient from coming into contact with sharp objects, rough terrain, snow and ice, and is removable for easy cleaning as well as replacement. The Bradco Stretcher System comes complete with the basket stretcher, the patient support and restraint system, four lifting straps and has a Traverse load capacity rating of 11 kN (2,500 lb.). An optional dust and storage cover is also available.

The Bradco is well suited for any type of rescue, but it’ s ideally suited for industrial applications. With its built-in restraint system there is no guess-work for under-trained personnel, and it is so robust that it will take the rigors of any environment. You can easily restrain a patient for either a vertical or a horizontal evacuation. Features:

• Plastic Outer Shell - Protects patient and gives a completely smooth sliding surface
• Suspended Restraint System - Allows consistent, fast and secure immobilization as well as the most comfortable evacuation possible for the patient
• Designed for Vertical or Horizontal Use - Adaptive to any situation
• Optional Storage Bag - Keeps stretcher and contents clean in dirty environments

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