CortiQuick Slim & Fit CD, Magna-RX

CortiQuick Slim & Fit CD, Magna-RX
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CortiQuick Slim & Fit CD, Magna-RX

The Slim & Fit CD The key to achieve lasting, effective weight control lies not in your body, but in your mind. Your mind determines whether or not you ultimately succeed in reaching any goal and that includes weight loss and fitness; it's your mind that decides whether you binge on potato chips or go to the gym; choose to eat that piece of chocolate cake for dessert or have fresh fruit instead. In theory, losing weight and getting in good shape should be a simple process: eat less of the wrong foods and more of the right foods combine it with the proper nutrients, a sensible exercise program and you're home free! But you've probably known this most of your life, but somehow you've never been able to do it. The reason why you failed in the past is that you tried to change your body without changing your thought process.

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