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Handy Bar
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Handy Bar

Winner of Best New Product, Medtrade West April 2001Prescribed by Doctors & Recommended by Health professionals Fits over 170 million vehicles in North America.The device locks securely, and reliably, into position. In addition, it is easy to insert and remove, it is strong, durable and affordable. The material is forged steel with corrosion resistant plating. At just 0.7 lb., and measuring approx. 9 in. long, the Handybar is sufficiently lightweight, and compact, for it to be carried around in a handbag or pack. The precisely shaped nose locks the Handybar securely into position with little effort and enables it to be removed just as easily. It is also cranked, or bent, over its length to enable it to be reversed to give just the right height and angle of grip for getting in and out of a vehicle. Smaller, more compact cars tend to be lower down, closer to the ground making it even more difficult to get in and out of them. Fortunately, the U-type striker plate is one of the most rugged components in a vehicle being designed to keep the door closed in the event of a side-impact crash. There is a striker on each of the door pillars enabling the Handybar to be used by both the driver and passengers.

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