Life Extension, Tocotrienol Complex, 50 mg, 60 capsules

Life Extension, Tocotrienol Complex, 50 mg, 60 capsules
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Tocotrienol Capsules
50 mg 60 capsules

Item Catalog Number: 366

Tocotrienol Complex contains four different compounds of the vitamin E family which some studies suggest may be as much as 40 times more potent per milligram than standard alpha-tocopherol for protecting against elevated cholesterol, LDL oxidation, and atherosclerotic plaque formation. Many alternative doctors are recommending tocotrienols as a potential cholesterol-lowering nutrient in place of FDA-approved drugs. A recent study showed that mice given tocotrienols survived longer than mice given regular vitamin E. The scientists speculated about identifying one component of tumor growth-suppressive action in specific plants.

A bottle contains 60 softgel capsules.

One 700 mg capsule contains:
weight 'E' activity  ,
D-Gamma tocotrienol47 mg
D-Alpha tocotrienol2 mg 1 IU
D-Delta tocotrienol1 mg
D-Alpha tocopherol 23.5 mg 35 IU
Total vitamin E activity36 IU
Rice bran oil base 615 mg
 ,  ,  ,

Dosage and Use:
1 -2 capsules daily are suggested for healthy people.
This product is most effectively utilized when taken with fat-containing, low fiber meals.

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